Maasai-Village Changalikwa

The Maasai-Village of Changalikwa is located in Northern Tanzania near Mombo. About 300 Maasai live there. Known as warrior and nomadic people, they are however, peace-loving and honest people who try with all their might to preserve their culture and people.
The Maasai in Changalikwa live almost exclusively from their animals. They feed themselves on the meat of their goats and sheep. One of the most important food for the children is cow’s milk. They also trade with their cattle.

The increasing and longer lasting dry periods make it very difficult for the Maasai to keep their animals alive and healthy. There is hardly any water and only little food. The Maasai in Changalikwa live isolated in the bush. Every day they try to find water sources and food for their animals. Diseases are an every day issue and despite all efforts, a considerable number of the animals die of thirst and starvation. Politics more and more restrict and close the nature reserves of the Maasai. Since most of the Maasai are illiterate, they are often not able to represent their interests.

Our goal for Changalikwa is to improve the quality of life in the Maasai village through

  • ensuring medical care
  • education for the children
  • sufficient water and food supply for the Maasai and their animals
  • the introduction of solar power