Kigamboni is a small district of Dar-es-Salaam, a „suburb“, which is more quiet and rural and located directly at the Indian Ocean.
The economic capital is only a few minutes away by ferry or by car/bus over the new bridge. A few tourists and overland-trucks stay in the few small beach hotels. Apart from that you are here among yourself.

The government plans the New Kigamboni. It shall upgrade the district. That sounds promising, but in the shadow of the ‚capital‘ not all people have access to education, electricity and water.

Our goal for the people in Kigamboni is to improve the quality of life through empowerment:

  • Access to education by financing school fees and school materials
  • Promotion of young girls and women in the project WEEDO
  • Promotion and financing of business ideas to strengthen personal responsibility, e.g. chicken projects, strategy and marketing consulting for start-ups
  • Emergency assistance

Current projects:

Future needs education!
Become a godfather and give a child the opportunity for a self-determined life. With 100 Euro per month we can send a child to a good private school. With 50 Euro per month we can ensure school attendance at a public school, provide health care and can also give out food.


Girl power!
Since 2018 we have been supporting WEEDO – Women Empowering and Entrepreneurship Development Organization financially and with our expertise. WEEDO offers young women the possibility to access  sewing classes, computer classes, English classes and counseling sessions.
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Support a local artist!
Traditional African dance and music has a long history which a group of young musicians and dancers tries to preserve for our modern world. We support Shine Africa in building a Community Art Center and in organizing the second Asili ni tamu Festival in 2021!
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