About Us

The love for Africa and many stays in Tanzania made us to found Tabasamu. An NGO with which we support the people in our environment on their way to independence – financially, but also through know-how.

Elke Dieterich
– Board –
IMG_4688As head of marketing at a large sanitary company in the Black Forest, I have been lacking nothing for a long time. And yet at some point I was longing to break out, to develop personally, to get to know another country, a foreign culture and to give away a little of what I had. So I came to Tanzania for the first time in 2009. I advised and did some coaching in a larger project. Since 2015 I spend about 6 months of the year in Tanzania, calling Kigamboni, a small rural suburb of the economic capital Dar-es-Salaam, my home.
After working in larger projects, I have started to support people in my immediate surroundings financially and ideally. In addition to financing school visits, tutoring, school materials, but also visits to doctors, I accompany young people in building up their own small business. This ranges from city tours to a small chicken farm.

Susi Langner
– Board –
232dd96c-b3d2-4df9-b837-e6b4b0cd3429I was in Tanzania for the first time as a volunteer expert and passed on my knowledge for 2 months in a social project. The country and especially the people fascinated me so much that I decided to stay in Tanzania for another year.
So it happened that I spent a lot of time in the Maasai village Changalikwa in 2016. The life there is very different. Secluded in the bush, without access to water, electricity or medical care, but with unbelievable warmth and mutual helpfulness, the Maasai try to master their everyday life. With private donations from dear friends we could already help a lot: Food and hospital bills could be paid. My aim is to improve the quality of life of these people without changing the culture or the impressive way of life of the Maasai.